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   FroCoS 2007 - 6th International Symposium on Frontiers of Combining Systems
Liverpool, UK, September 10-12 2007

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Invited speakers


In various areas of computer science, such as logic, computation, program development and verification, artificial intelligence, and automated reasoning, there is an obvious need for using specialised formalisms and inference mechanisms for special tasks. In order to be usable in practice, these specialised systems must be combined with each other, and they must be integrated into general purpose systems. The development of general techniques and methods for the combination and integration of special formally defined systems, as well as for the analysis and modularisation of complex systems has been initiated in many areas. More....

FroCoS 2007

In 2007, FroCoS will be held for the sixth time. The first FroCoS workshop was hold in Munich (1996) followed by Amsterdam (1998), Nancy (2000), Santa Margherita Ligure (2002), and Vienna (2005). In 2004 and 2006 FroCoS was a part of the IJCAR, International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning.

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